Lady Demona


I am goddess, because I was born as one; but mainly because you remind me of it again. I call it courtesy and not tribute since it would sound dull, dry and like I do not care at all. But I do care!
The household of a Queen should be balanced. You cannot eat money and it does not make you happy. I found some things that make me very happy that are not connected to BDSM. In my wish list you can find things that you would like to see on me- Although true gifts are only those which are not self-serving.

I love to travel, visit festivals and good literature as well as my VW T5 which is called “Bussi”! -My black jewel on wheels- So travelling is one thing the goddess loves to do, not with her Bussi, but by plane, too! Destinations in remote countries and to visit them I require the inevitable “petty cash”. For my other great passion, Psy Tra nce Festivals, I am also in need of tickets, two of them!
Further below you can get to know for what I want attention. You could be one of my Sugardaddies and give me the touch and feeling of being your daughter or you could be a benevolent admirer or a well-heeled subject! I would like to see as much as possible of our beautiful planet and you can contribute something if you really love and admire me! Nothing escapes my attention- no amount of money, no gift or little thoughtfulness: I am looking forward to it!

If you are daring or experienced and trust me …I am going to take whatever I want via Teamviewer and let your fetish be in the centre of attention- myself of course!