Lady Demona
Your nightmare will become a reality! BM Extreme (en)
Your nightmare will become a reality! BM Extreme (en)

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You are the victim of the day! Sacrifices must be done, in every world, but especially in mine! I sacrifice your trust and your belief in the good in me! You knew from the start that you were playing with fire! You shared your life with me, have confided your deepest secrets to me! I know everything about you, I know your existing living conditions ... but deep inside, you always know about it! The day will come! The day that I fuck your life, the day that I tear the floor from under the others without flinched an eyelid! That day is today! I reveal you, I sacrifice you in this video! Hahaha, it says that could be every one of you out there - You wonder if this is real, but you can only find out if you buy this video! You have embarked on a dark game and you are about to get blown! If this clip lands in the wrong handy, your life is fucked! You can still change it, but how you will also just get in this clip. I don't care about you, that makes the game so simple for me! All i want from you is that you fucking do what i want! Your last hour has ! I can understand that you shit in your pants now, you have every reason to, I don't leave out any of the delicate details!