Lady Demona
Willless Aroma puppet! Part 2! (english)
Willless Aroma puppet! Part 2! (english)

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What do you think it was, you and your pathetic existence! You will keep filling yourself up for me! Come on, you are a mindless pay meat! You know, I always get what I want and with you, leather bitch, I make it easy for myself! Now you are making the sacrifices of yourself with two PP types! Alternately, individually, together, hold your breath! There is one thing you definitely don't get - a break! Why do you need a break? You will make yourself really nice and numb. You'll beg me to be my leather slave Do you already notice how you get into addiction? This heavy inhale, this horny leather material right in front of your stupid face! With one hand you jerk a little a bit and with the other hand you make my account balance happy! You want to be a servant of the horny leather goddess, don't you? Come on, one more load afterwards, snoop and pay!