Lady Demona
Willless Aroma puppet! Part 1! (english)
Willless Aroma puppet! Part 1! (english)

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Plug yourself in. You! Pathetic little human! Do you think you are here for pleasure? Or to worship my hot leather outfit? To kneel in front of me and let yourself be tormented! You are completely at my mercy! I play MY GAME! PP- PLAY! I fill you up, with all evil in me! Come on, cunt, really! Accelerate! Today you will learn how to breathe! The breath in Hell is hot, so you make a lot of mistakes and have to start over and over again! It is also clear that you will often have to hold your breath, and grit one's teeth so that you can endure it all! You're out of breath! Come on, you, wretched leather cunt, make yourself docile! It's going to be hot, ruff and cruel!