Lady Demona
Toxic Shock! Blackmail interrogation! No mercy!
Toxic Shock! Blackmail interrogation! No mercy!

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If you see me in this nasty gorgeous outfit in the video preview, you have no other choice! You have to click on it and buy it! Already you have pulled out your Inhale and submit yourself willingless to my interrogation! But this time Inhale is not enough for me! This time you will drink too! Cheap booze, vodka from the discounter! The cheapest, from cheap - as it should be for a bobo like you! It will not stay at this one little Blackmail interrogation session, once I have your collected data, I will put you loser with it mercilessly homewrecking show! Don't you think so? I will prove it to you! No mercy, no escape! Your Blackmail goddess gets your data and takes you with it so ruthlessly until I have all your dough, your wife has left you and you may welcome the street as your new home! Your luck, the winter is over!