Lady Demona
Slave school! Find out the hard way! (english)
Slave school! Find out the hard way! (english)

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You are such an incredible victim! You probably thought that you could come here and fuck me. The heading Sex Bootcamp lured you in! Yes, too bad for you, because you ended up in a Skaven school. Come closer first, you can't resist these curves! You have always been fascinated by strong women, even more if the matching shiny outfit is added! Today you will get your first lesson. Collar, hand and ankle cuffs and then I'll fix you so that my new slave victim is defenseless! A life in slavery means a life in permanent lust. Next, I will connect you to a milking machine, I will drive you out of your constant horniness! In fact, you will now learn to control your constant desire! You will feel what it means to serve, you will learn how to be made useful under a strict hand! Now I'll tie your cock and balls off! Under my guidance and with a bit of discipline and order, I will manage to bring a horniness under control, let's say better I'll drive you crazy with horniness!