Lady Demona
Blackmail! Action-reaction-transaction! (english)
Blackmail! Action-reaction-transaction! (english)

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You are unbelievable, incomprehensible, incomprehensibly STUPID. How did you get such a crazy idea that your dirtiest secrets are safe with a femdom? It's just too easy! Are you so easy to manipulate or do I seem so trusting? I told you right at the beginning that collecting information is not my hobby, it is my business. Warning pointless, you just chatter on it, tell me that you are married and like to fuck young women! That wasn't your first mistake, the first mistake was to come to my chat, because in my chat I am God and you poor pig make my confession! Bad luck! I know more about you, I even know which friend you use as an alibi for your fuck derailment! Now it's up to you! You can pay the hush money now, or I make sure that your Ehefotze puts you in front of the door this evening, and be sure, I can exaggerate excessively, which in your case I don't even have to, because you have it on yourself Taken to the top! Think about your action, calculate my reaction and weigh up whether you wanted the result that way. Because now you can’t get out of this situation, unless you initiate a transaction that silences me! Your choice!