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Let us talk about myself. When I speak, you are still as your hands do not move, too! Listen carefully, because it is about me and how I am  going to torture you! My instrument of choice is simple: teamviewer.  It is a free  available software you can download to your computer. With the help of teamviewer I will latch into your computer. You will see how the mouse is moving, your data is all visible to me and under my control. Usually you pay me a tribute at the beginning. In case you pay me a three digit amount you are even allowed to watch me via webcam how I grin about what I do: taking the things that get me off We can either set a limit before we start if you happen to be a beginner or you surrender yourself completely to me. The latter is what satisfies me It is a different way to experince  and search for pain and destruction! Destruction strikes it well since a small bankrupt really fucks you where it hurts the most: your briefcase!