Lady Demona

Session booking

Where should we meet? –Somewhere in between I like to say if we do not know eachother yet! You tell me about your preferences and I am going to tell you mine. If we match together I am sure we will have a randy time together! Now I could write pages about what I want, what I am able to do and cable of or what you could do and so on. But I would rather create something totally new with you together: A common space for BDSM.

If you want to book a session it does not matter if it is a cash&go or a cam session; let us talk ahead about your ideas. You should know that I finish every game until the end so think twice what you wish for…Be honest about yourself –I want to know of it is pure fiction, part of your own reality or if we make it your part-time reality for a while. In my opinion there are no limits, but clear words and respect. You have taboos? So have I!
If you want to learn more about me get to know me in Person!

Mayfly, wanderer, half-heated- do you want to queue inn there? You may be good at queuing in the end, but I guess you would prefer to be number one.
You want to be in the end of the line, because you think you are just right there or a loser perfectly better off at the bottom of the food chain? Or are you hiding from me?
Are you worthy to serve in the domicile of the Demonia? Serve me as an online sub, a Maso, as Sissy, as a real life/ film slave or everything I turn you into.
I want more from you than you can imagine. I want you with your whole skin although I will whip you until you bleed and pull your hair out. I want you with your body and your soul- only then we can melt together!
I lead, you follow unconditionally!