Lady Demona

Cashpoint Meet

Cashpoints Meet

If you are not quite the online type of person you should like it get ripped-off by a well dresses lady on the middle of the road. With wobbly knees, but iron in your trousers! We agree on a place before the meeting and I am going to meet you there- 5 minutes ahead of you! If I need too drive you need to pay in advance for my effort.

You will have the 5 minute mindfuck of your life while you wait for me with my money and ask yourself how you got yourself into the situation.Suddenly hear the sound of my leather boots or maybe my voice right behind you which tells you to turn around, but not to look in  my face! Then you going to thank me and give me my money. In a submissive way of course-submissive just like you are!

If it is only a Cash&Go you will be able to admire me from the back when I walk away. I may turn around. In that case  it is your lucky day and I could show you my middlew finger or a losersign. A brief Cash&Go is not the only option I offer to you. You can upgrade it to a Cash&Ballbust, Cash&Face Slap or a Cash&Spank...only if the tribute is right to be sure.