Lady Demona
Lady Demona

Your blonde fetish mistress from Düsseldorf is back in town! New Loserporn ONLINE!

Written on 21.04.2020 at 18:42 by Lady Demona

Your blonde poison is back! Well, you already missed your blonde mistress from Düsseldorf !? Yes, I know I kept you waiting a long time, I was abroad for 6 months, but now I'm back!

New domina videos are online! You'll lick the dirt under my shoes, eat my shit, I'll blackmail and poison you! You see nothing has changed, except that I am back now and you have to get used to strict leadership and merciless submission again!

Your training starts now and here, because new demonic toxin is online! One thing is definitely certain, you will be even more addicted than before, because it was good for you to miss me!

You will serve, you will suffer for me and you will love me for it! You can make your cam session appointment today, the real sessions will take place as soon as the Corona madness is over! You can order the videos you want in the logged-in area by message! And of course the slave chat is also online!


There's no need to wait any longer! It's DEMONATIME!