Lady Demona

Your mistress

Mine is the power and the glory

Let us be honest with each other from the beginning! Maybe this is your first visit of the first page of Flower of Life?! There are many names which fit my born destiny, but I prefer to be called goddesss, Lady or Queen. I am a woman which entitles me to be ruler of beauty, love and creation. Manipulation, blackmailing and rip-offs have become a new standard today-how dul! I often read that it is only about Eve, the origin of sin, but what would be a woman or a queen without her loyal subject?

To rule is one thing, lust and passion the other! In A world of stress, permanent suppression of our natural fiery desires, we all only want to break free and be comfortable on the thin clear ice. ALthougjh there is nothing wrong to break through the ice from time to time… If the chemistry is right we both should be ready to leave everything behind, right? Let us together experience the energy of the moment here and now! But keep in mind that I play with you the respect is mutual.

Serve now!